ZWLoader – Free CSGO Cheat Loader 2022

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zwloader - free csgo cheat loader 2022
   Version: 2.0
Developer: NotZ3us

ZWLoader; It is Free CSGO Cheat Loader, easy to use, runs on a single exe. It has alternative features such as VAC Bypass. It contains free csgo cheats.


What CS:GO cheats are in ZWLoader?

In this free csgo loader, there is an open source cheat like osiris that you can use as legit. Apart from that, there are OTC v3, OTC v2, Legendware, Backmove and Quinity cheats for HvH servers. Apart from these tricks, this loader, which also includes vac bypass feature, keeps you away from vac ban completely.

zwloader vac bypass
ZWLoader - Free CSGO Cheat Loader 2022 5
What else is in this Free CSGO Cheat Loader?

This free loader includes linkvertise bypasser. I think this is an excellent feature because lately all developers who want to make money add a password to their cheats to earn money from the linkvertise site, and users have to visit the linkvertise site daily or weekly to get this password.

Editor’s Advice: Please close steam before using cheats in this loader. Then use the vac bypass section on the loader by clicking the “Bypass VAC” button. In this way, you can use a detected csgo cheat in an undetected way. For example, since the osiris cheat is a widely used and open source cheat, your risk of getting a ban is higher, but thanks to vac bypass, this risk drops to 0.

zwloader tools
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Password generator is a very unnecessary feature. If you want to create a password, lastpass or kaspersky password manager will be much better for you. File encryptor/decryptor is a very simple and nice feature. It doesn’t look like a very professional service, but at least it’s nice for a file that doesn’t have protection.

How to Use CS:GO Cheat Loader?
  1. Click the “Download” button below.
  2. Wait 25 seconds for Cheat Loader to start downloading.
  3. Extract the downloaded file to your desktop as a folder. (Password: 123)
  4. Run ZWLoader.exe as administrator.
  5. Loader will check the current version for you and it will be ready to use.


Password: 123

If you have questions or problems about this cheat, you can come to our discord server and ask us.


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