Zombie Rush Script – AUTO KILL, AUTO EQUIP HACK & MORE 2021

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zombie rush script
   Version: 1.0
Developer: Unknown

Zombie Rush Script is a free cheat that we have shared on the ubuntu pastebin site and contains features such as auto shoot, auto equip, speedhack.

For the clueless, Zombie Rush is fundamentally a game with regards to killing zombies. It’s ongoing interaction task a group of survivors to battle unlimited influxes of zombies utilizing either blades or firearms. One of it’s solid angle is that players can fight various kinds of supervisors in the wake of battling off a modest bunch of the undead.


Zombie Rush Script Features;

  • Main
    • Auto Shoot (Kill)
    • Auto Equip
    • Bullet Color
  • Local Player
    • Infinite Jump
    • Noclip
    • Flight Bind
    • Walkspeed
  • Credits

In any case, in as much as the ongoing interaction itself sound intriguing, it merits realizing that the game gets troublesome as you progress. This is the place where our Zombie Rush contents comes in to play. So on the off chance that you’re hoping to streamline the ongoing interaction and bring in some free cash, here’s the best Roblox Zombie Rush Script to use at the present time.


  1. Click the “Visit Zombie Rush Cheat / Script Page” button below.
  2. Wait 25 seconds to be redirected to the Ubuntu Pastebin site.
  3. Copy the script.
  4. Open the Zombie Rush game in Roblox.
  5. Open Roblox Exploit.
  6. Inject and execute.

From Auto Farm for cash to NoClip, Walkspeed, ESP, Aimbot and then some, there are a plenty of Zombie Rush free roblox scripts out there on the web and every one of them offers novel elements. The following is awesome and working ones we have curated up until this point.

Visit Zombie Rush Cheat / Script Page


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