Void Hub Pet Simulator X Script – AUTO FARM, DUPE HACK & MORE 2021

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void hub pet simulator x script new update
   Version: 2.6.2
Developer: Void HUB

Void Hub Pet Simulator X Script is a new and free pet simulator x cheat is shared on the Soul Pastebin. Includes many features such as auto farm, dupe!


Void HUB Pet Simulator X Script Features;

  • News
  • Main
  • Players
  • Farm
  • Stats
  • Pets
  • Misc
  • ESP
  • Credits

Void Hub Pet Simulator X Script has many features. You can read the features of the cheat from the section at the top. For example, void hub pet simulator x has an auto farm and spam auto farm features. The difference in these features is negligible, but if you have pets stronger than 1 million, it is more useful to use spam auto farm in general.

void hub pet simulator x script menu v4
Void Hub Pet Simulator X Cheat Menu v4

There are numerous components in this Void Hub Pet Simulator X Script. I have stayed in contact with a part of these arrangements above. In any case, since there are such incalculable arrangements, it might be an issue to think about all. That is the explanation I stayed in contact with you simply the essential parts. To see various parts, you can learn by using the substance we share in vain.


  1. Click the “Visit Pet Simulator X Cheat Page” button from below!
  2. Wait 25 seconds to be redirected to soul pastebin site
  3. Copy the pet sim x script
  4. Open the Pet Simulator X game on Roblox!
  5. Start your paid or free roblox exploit!
  6. Inject your exploit and execute the copied script!

You might need to utilize this cheat since it contains many free scripts in one. On the off chance that your design is OK, I prescribe you to utilize this cheat, yet on the off chance that your framework is awful, I don’t propose utilizing this substance. That is the clarification we have opened a free Roblox scripts gathering for you on our site. You can utilize all substances unreservedly by going to that class. Therefore, your construction won’t be under load and your game won’t crash!

Visit Pet Simulator X Cheat Page


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