Valorant Skin Randomizer 2022

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valorant skin randomizer
   Version: 1.2.3
Developer: colinhartigan

Valorant Skin Randomizer allows you to get unlimited skin combinations by randomly mixing the skins in your inventory. You can change many skins for free, moreover, your teammates or opponent can see these skins.

“It’s really cool seeing players leverage the client API to do build their own features. Past suggestions I’ve seen have mostly revolved around having preset loadouts (for example a loadout for each agent), which is relatively more expensive to build. Seeing interest in straight up randomized loadouts (which is much cheaper to build) is exciting. I’m personally excited for any opportunity to play with more than one skin forever.”


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Do I get banned for using this valorant skin randomizer?

No, u/Riot_Giraffy (a Riot Software Engineer) confirmed.

Will other players be able to see the skins?

Yes, they can.

Can I set the skin to something I don’t have?

No, you can’t.

How can I revert skins?

For example, if you want to set your Prime Karambit to Level 1:
set Melee Prime//2.0-Karambit Level-1

How to Use Valorant Skin Randomizer?

Valorant skin randomizer was developed by colinhartigan and is not at risk of being banned. Below are two ways to use it. If you cannot use this valorant hack (actually it’s not cheating because it’s approved by riot), please join our server at and create a ticket.

From Source (Advanced Users Only):
  1. Download the cheat from the “For Advanced Users Only” button below.
  2. Extract the .zip file to the desktop.
  3. Download the Python (we are using python 3.10.2)
  4. Open Python and install these modules (pip install <module_name>):
    • psutil==5.8.0
    • valclient==2.20
    • prompt_toolkit==3.0.19
    • requests==2.26.0
    • InquirerPy==0.3.0
  5. Extract the downloaded file to desktop.
  6. Open the extracted valorantskinrandomizer file in python window.
  7. Open the VALORANT game.
  8. Enter this command “python” and use your english stuffs.
From .exe (Standard Download):
  1. Click the “Standard Download” button from the button below.
  2. Wait 10 seconds for the file to download.
  3. Extract the .exe in the downloaded .zip file to the desktop.
  4. Open the VALORANT game.
  5. Run the .exe you downloaded to the desktop as an administrator.


Password: 123


Password: 123


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