Valorant Color Aimbot Hack – COLORBOT 2021

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valorant color aimbot hack
   Version: 1.1
Developer: ValoBOT

Valorant Color Aimbot Hack, as the name suggests, is a free valorant aimbot cheat that works as colorbot (pixel bot). It works in an up-to-date and undetected.

valorant color aimbot hack menu
Valorant Color Aimbot Hack Menu (Turkish)

Complete the steps completely to use this free valorant aimbot cheat, which we have shown below in 6 steps. Remember, you entered this site to use cheats and cheats may be detected as false flags. So you don’t have to be afraid, you can learn what a false flag is with a few types of research.


  1. Download the cheat by clicking the “Download Valorant ColorBot Hack” button below.
  2. Move ValoBOT folder to “C:/” file
  3. Disable Windows Defender and AntiVirus (which may trigger a false positive of the cheat file)
  4. Put Loader.bat file to desktop
  5. Adjust your game settings as follows:
    1. Windowed Fullscreen
  6. Start Loader.bat and change your settings (menu is Turkish, you can translate it using google translate.)

This cheat does not have the ESP (Wallhack) feature, but it works better with many other free aimbot cheats. There are many settings, so if you adjust your settings perfectly, you can have the best aimbot cheat in the valorant game. You can use this free valorant hack thanks to the 6-step “HOW TO USE” section at the top.

Download Valorant ColorBot Hack

Password: 123


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  1. Is this still working with the current Valorant version and is still undetected and is external?

      1. How do I open the menu? I followed the instructions and nothing happened when i opened the loader. NO menu or anything