Ultimate Zombie Defense Cheats (Trainer) 2021

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ultimate zombie defense cheats
   Version: 1.0.0
Developer: wh0am15533

Ultimate Zombie Defense Cheats are usually referred to as trainers. This cheat has many features, it’s free and new! So you can use this free ultimate zombie defense trainer with any working injector.


If you need help or have question you can go to the CheaterSoul Discord Server by CLICKING HERE!

About Ultra Zombie Defense

Group up or face it single-handedly in this hierarchical zombie safeguard experience! With up to 4 parts in online center, clear the Wave of Infection and redesign your base with traps and guards to fabricate a definitive safeguard against zombies.

Would you be able to stop them? Extreme Zombie Defense is a hierarchical center endurance awfulness game set on the edges of a once peaceful town in the core of mainland Europe.

The city and the encompassing 250 kilometers have been suspended trying to facilitate the episode.

Albeit sadly all endeavors have so far fizzled. You and your companions are world class individuals from the military delivered in this tainted place and have just a single mission: find and obliterate the wellspring of the disease.

All things considered, what are you sitting tight for? Forward, trooper!


  • An expansive base building system where you can place items like chain link fences, sandbags, barbed wire, concrete barriers, turrets, mines, lights fog and other military grade components!
  • A selection of anti-apocalyptic weapons, from classic pistols to flamethrowers, grenade launchers, shotguns and more!
  • Epic Slowmo unleashing your best moments
  • Unique Boss Battles to challenge even the most seasoned zombie slayers
  • Metal Music Chaos Free yourself as you slay the undead living!
  • Choose between 8 unique characters to fight off the army of the dead
  • Multiple Infected including over 12 unique monster types
  • Co-op play for up to four players
  • Singleplayer mode to play offline
Ultimate Zombie Defense Cheats Features
  • Add 5 Million Cash
  • Add 100 Thousand to Score
  • Add 10 Thouand XP
  • Toggle Godmode
  • Enable Console Access
  • Add All Needed Skillpoints
  • Remove Build Limits
  • Invincible Builds
  • Toggle Log Console
How to Install & Use Ultra Zombie Defense Trainer Hack
  1. Download the ultimate zombie defense hack.
  2. Extract the cheat dll to desktop.
  3. How to inject the dll into the game:
    You can use a standalone injector with these settings:
    Namespace: Trainer
    Class: TrainerLoader
    Method: Init
  4. Enjoy!

Download Ultimate Zombie Defense Trainer

Password: soul


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