Trader Life Simulator Hack – Trader Life Simulator Trainer 2021

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trader life simulator hack - trader life simulator trainer 2021
   Version: 2.4
Developer: sportsrow
About Trader Life Simulator

Trader Life Simulator Hack is a game where you play as an unfilled man grocery store . You need to keep your business running and your store supplied , While overseeing other life perspectives . be cautious ! Chapter 11 is an alternative. On the off chance that you like games that include bringing in cash and improving.


I figure you ought to attempt it. I’ve just played for 4.5 hours, however I don’t have a full handle of everything, except the game has a climate that removes you. As a rule, bringing in cash in the game advances in a decent way.The lone thing I grumbled about in other simulator games I played was that it brought in cash rapidly.

In such manner, I think this game has broadened this cycle with a truly decent framework.You own a grocery store and you have numerous business choices from food to fundamental necessities and gadgets.Obviously, costs might shift and may fluctuate contingent upon the item you sell. It as of now has a few inadequacies, however these are not such that will lessen your satisfaction in the game.

Possibly sooner or later driving to purchase items can be exhausting, yet it is a game that you can go through as long as 50 hours in the event that you play it in a tuned way without making it taste excessively sassy. So you can use this free trader life simulator hack or you can say trader life simulator trainer.

How to Use Trader Life Simulator Hack?
  1. Start game click play if you are in game (not the menu) start the cheat table
  2. Select the game window process (keep the current address list/code list)[click yes]
  3. NUM 1,NUM2,NUM3,NUM4 to enable one what you want or just click on it. [X] is enabled
  4. Set up the value just double click on it and set a number
Trader Life Simulator Trainer Features;
  • No Hunger
    • NUM1/ double click on value set it to 0 for no hunger
  • No Dirty
    • NUM2/ double click on value set it to 0 for no dirty
  • No Toilet
    • NUM3/ double click on value set it to 0 for no toilet
  • Shop Rating
    • NUM4/ double click on value set it to 100 for Shop Rating 100%

If you have questions you can go to the DISCORD SERVER!

Download Trader Life Simulator Hack

Password: soul


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