The Last Campfire Cheats (TRAINER 2021)

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the last campfire trainer
   Version: 1.0.0
Developer: wh0am15533

The Last Campfire Cheats is a newly released free cheat. The cheats for The Last Campfire-style games are usually called trainers, but this time I made a change.


About The Last Campfire

The Last Campfire is an experience, an account of a lost ash caught in a confusing spot, looking for significance and a way home. Travel further into the grounds past the dim woodland and defeat the difficulties before you. Find wonderful wild loaded up with lost people, unusual animals and baffling remnants.

The Last Campfire Cheats Features;

  • Add 10 Glimmer
  • Unlock All Items
  • Complete All Puzzles
  • Complete Active Quests
  • Select Costume
  • Select Costume Item
  • Unlock / Add Item

The Last Campfire is the climax of quite a while of work by two or three individuals from the group who had the desire to make a creatively engaged single-player experience game. The outcome is something in which the player becomes lost inside a storybook world, going through excellent conditions, meeting bizarre and surprising characters in a genuine story.

You play as Ember. You are caught in a confounding spot, looking for significance and a way home. At its heart, it is the account of reviving expectation in a generally sad world.


  1. Look at the picture below!
how to use the last campfire cheats
How to use the last campfire cheats with screenshot 🙂

Hi Games was conceived out of an affectionate group of four companions cooperating to make our first game, Joe Danger. We are as yet a tiny studio, and keeping in mind that No Man’s Sky takes up an enormous cut of our data transmission, we need to sustain inventive groundbreaking thoughts from little groups. We are energized for The Last Campfire, and what this group works straightaway.

Download The Last Campfire Trainer

Password: 123


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