Super Power Fighting Simulator Script 2021

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super power fighting simulator script
   Version: 6.11
Developer: Mana

Super Power Fighting Simulator Script is a free super power fighting simulator cheat that we have just shared. Auto farm feature is available.

Super Power Fighting Simulator is a Roblox game created by GamesReborn and xbutterflies.

The goal of the game is to prepare your body, clench hands, psyche and speed in this extreme preparing game!. Open new abilities, arrive at powerful positions, collaborate with companions, dare to new islands and significantly more! You can likewise open chests to get antiquated things which can assist speed with increasing your preparation!


Super Power Fighting Simulator Script Features;

  • Main
    • Anti AFK
    • Walkspeed
    • JumpPower
  • Auto Farm
    • Strength Places
    • Endurance Places
    • Psyhic Places
  • Collect Chests
  • Credits

The Super Power Fighting Simulator. Here, you can track down a wide range of data about the game, including things, positions, abilities, preparing and codes in the game!

Since the making of the wiki, 247 articles have been made, 10,437 exceptional alters have been made, and 1,330 records have been transferred. It would be astonishing if we can get your assistance! We are searching for individuals who know a great deal about FANDOM Wikis or potentially SPFS!

Strength is one of the four principle details in the game. It decides how much harm a player can bargain truly. Strength can be prepared by utilizing the “Train Strength” instrument. If the instrument is utilized in a Strength Training Area, the player will get a higher sum contingent upon the measure of multiplier that region has.


  1. Click the “Visit Super Power Fighting Simulator Script Page” button below.
  2. Wait 25 seconds to be redirected to the Soul pastebin we share Free Roblox Scripts.
  3. Click the green “Copy to Clipboard” button at the top right of Soul Paste.
  4. Open the Super Power Fighting Simulator game on Roblox.
  5. Start your roblox exploit and execute the script.

Strength capacities, for example, Energy Blast and Energy Punch bargain more harm and change shading once the player outperforms a specific measure of solidarity.

Visit Super Power Fighting Simulator Script Page (not working)


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