Super Hero Tycoon Script – FREE HACK GUI 2022

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super hero tycoon script
   Version: 1.0
Developer: Unknown

Super Hero Tycoon Script is a cheat that we shared on soul pastebin site via cheatersoul, is free to use and currently working in 2022. No need to download.

This cheat will make you money very quickly because the feature of the cheat “part steal” teleports the boxes falling from the droppers in the game to you. In this way, your money will increase very quickly without wasting any time, and when you open the “money steal”, which is the 2nd feature of the cheat, you automatically get the accumulated money. It can be called a kind of auto farm script.

super hero tycoon script 2022
Super Hero Tycoon Script - FREE HACK GUI 2022 4

How to Use Super Hero Tycoon Script?

  1. Click on the orange “Visit Script Page” button below.
  2. Please wait 25 seconds to be redirected to the soul pastebin site where we share the cheats.
  3. Select and copy all from the site that opens.
  4. Open the Super Hero Tycoon game in Roblox.
  5. Run any paid or free roblox exploit.
    • If you do not have any exploits, you can access vega x or jjsploit exploits by searching our site.
  6. Paste the script into the exploit and execute!

Visit Script Page


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