SilverJet Phasmophobia Hack 2021

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silverjet phasmophobia hack 2021
   Version: 4.10.2021
Developer: astron51

SilverJet Phasmophobia Hack is a newly released free phasmophobia cheat. This cheat, which is simple to use, was updated on 4.10.2021. You can use it without being banned!


Features of Silverjet Phasmophobia Hack

  • Flashlight Modifier ( Spotlight for you )
  • Mission Completer Base
  • Ghost Activity Graph
  • Unlimited / Infinity Stamina
  • Basic / Extra Information about Ghost
  • ESP of Fusebox, Bone, Ouija Board, EMF and Ghost Hunting

Phasmophobia is a 4 player online community mental loathsomeness where you and your colleagues of paranormal agents will enter tormented areas loaded up with paranormal action and assemble as much proof of the paranormal as possible. You will utilize your phantom hunting gear to look for and record proof of whatever apparition is tormenting the area to sell onto an apparition evacuation group.

How to Use Silverjet Phasmophobia Cheat?

  1. Click to the “Download Phasmophobia SilverJET Undetected Hack” button
  2. Wait 25 seconds for the phasmophobia hacks 2021 to download
  3. Extract the downloaded silverjet phasmophobia file to desktop (password: 123)
  4. Inject DLL (Use Extreme Injector for Auto Dependencies installation)
  5. You can open and close the cheat’s menu with the INSERT key.

You can decide to help your group by checking the area with CCTV cameras and movement sensors from the security of the truck or head inside and take care of business with the spooky action that will get progressively antagonistic over the long haul.

Download SilverJET Phasmophobia Undetected Hack

Password: 123


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