Sharp Mono Injector 2.5 – Free, Fixed & Updated Version of Cheat DLL Injector

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sharp mono injector
   Version: 2.5
Developer: wh0am15533

Sharp Mono Injector is an essential injector for many trainer hacks. This injector is used when cheating in almost all unity games. Free SharpMonoInjector!

Mono injectors are apparatuses through which players can compose their own C# assortment and infuse it into any game motor. As such, mono injectors permit players to outperform the elements of a game and utilize their own capacities by following 2 basic advances: running their code + the game’s unique code.


SharpMonoInjector v2.5 Features;

  • Updated AV detector
  • Enhanced error handling while scanning processes
  • Enhanced debug logging with much more details
  • Additional error checker
  • Built off Net 4.0 for those on Windows 7 & aren’t able to run Net Standard 2.0
  • Sharp Mono Injector GUI version will automatically restart as “Administrator”

Concerning Mono Injector, this injector has been going through specific issues as of late yet since they are totally fixed now, I am here today with the most recent refreshed adaptation of the stunning Sharp Mono Injector. For more prominent clearness, the cycle x86/x64 identification bug is completely fixed now notwithstanding a few acclimations to make the injector more!

Individuals have been revealing that as of late the injector was smashing again on invigorating cycles. I discovered the bug and it’s been fixed. For certain new Windows refreshes some new administrations were introduced with some exceptionally severe cycle access advantages. Shouldn’t be an issue any longer as presently it doesn’t specify framework measures. MInjector will likewise get refreshed with the fix. The update likewise incorporates some UI upgrades Sharp Mono Injector.


  1. First, download the injector from the “Download SharpMonoInjector 2.5” button below.
  2. Then choose which free trainer you will use on cheatersoul site.
  3. Extract the cheat and injector you downloaded to the desktop as a folder.
  4. Open the game and fill in the blanks in sharpmonoinjector with the information from the cheat sheet.
    • E.g;
    • Namespace: XXXXX
    • Classname: XXXXX
    • Method: XXXXX
  5. Then you can start using the cheat by pressing the inject button.

Refreshed Sharp Mono Injector to fix the cycle identification bug, x86/x64 location bug fixed, and a couple fixes to make it more effective. No adjustments to his infusion motor other than some additional blunder checking. Worked off Net 4.0 for those that are still on Win7 and can’t run NetStandard 2.0. Since he didn’t work in any advantage checking I added a few checks and the GUI form will consequently restart as Admin. The control center variant you’ll get an admonition and guidelines on to ‘fix’ the game. Go to game .exe and Properties->Compatibility tab. Uncheck the “Run this program as Administrator” box.

Download SharpMonoInjector 2.5

Password: 123

Some dev’s think this little stunt of ‘lifting the advantages’ will prevent the vast majority from infusing except if the injector is likewise run as administrator. Unchecking this case will make the game a customary client measure once more. Or then again run the injector as Admin. This is the reason I like syscall’s and ACP methods. Join our discord server for help!


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