Roblox Anime Tappers Script – AUTO FARM HACK 2021

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roblox anime tappers script
   Version: 5.11
Developer: Mana - Ex0tic

Roblox Anime Tappers Script is a free and new shared cheat. The menu and features of this cheat made by Mana are very good. Features such as auto tap, Yen farm.


Roblox Anime Tappers Cheat Features;

  • Auto Farm
    • Auto TAP
    • Auto Rebirth
    • Claim All Codes
    • Collect Daily Chest
    • Buy TAPS
    • Buy SPEED
    • Buy YEN
    • Buy Hatch Speed
    • Buy LUCKY
  • Yen Farm
    • Farm Starter World
    • Farm Demon Slayer
    • Farm One Piece
    • Farm Naruto
    • Farm Jojo Stand
    • Farm Attack on Titans
    • Farm Tokyo Ghoul
    • and much more worlds 🙂
  • Boss Farm
    • All bosses are available, it’s very boring to write them all one by one 😉
  • Teleport
    • Same
  • Main
    • Walk Speed
    • Jump Power
    • Infinite Jump
    • Anti AFK
    • No Clip
  • Credits

In Roblox Anime Tappers, you will tap your bearing through friendly event taps, pets, and overcoming outrageous to beat chairmen! While you do this you will get yen and taps, which you can change over into rebuilding efforts, which will manufacture your capacity to get things in the game.

roblox anime tappers script yen farm menu
Roblox Anime Tappers Script - AUTO FARM HACK 2021 4

As you progress, you will see yourself to be ready to buy better pets and redesigns. Want to get to the most significant spot of the leaderboard and exercise authority over different players in the game!


  1. Click the “Visit Roblox Anime Tappers Script Page” button
  2. Copy the free anime tappers auto hatch script from soul pastebin
  3. Open the Roblox Anime Tappers (Private Server Link) game
  4. Launch your paid or free roblox exploit like jjsploit exploit or vega x exploit (jjsploit is better)
  5. Inject the executer and execute the our free roblox scripts!

Visit Roblox Anime Tappers Script Page


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