Ro-Ghoul Script – AUTO FARM HACK 2022

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ro-ghoul script
   Version: 2.3
Developer: z4gs

Ro-Ghoul Script; It is a free gui that works with most exploits, where you can quickly gain best stats thanks to the auto farm. Better than most ro ghoul hacks.


Ro Ghoul Auto Farm Script Features:

Thanks to this free ro ghoul cheat, you will be able to have the following features for free;

  • Main
    • Select Target
      • Aogiri Members
      • Humans
      • Investigators
    • Start Farming / Stop Farming
      • Killing: (Şuanda hangi düşmana saldırdığınızı gösterir.)
      • Time Elapsed: (Ne kadar süredir auto farm yapıyorsunuz.)
      • Current Quest: (Şuanda hangi görevi yaptığınızı gösterir.)
      • Yen:
      • RC:
      • Kills:
    • Reset Stats
  • Farm Options
    • Kagune Stage
      • [1], [2], [3]….
    • Reputation Farm
    • Auto Reputation Cashout
    • Koutarou Amon Boss Farm (lvl 750+)
    • Eto Yoshimura Boss Farm (lvl 1250+)
    • Nishiki Nishio Boss Farm (lvl 250+)
    • Teleport Speed: (Default 150)
    • Distance From Enemy, NPC: (Default 5)
  • Trainer
    • Current Trainer:
    • Progress
    • Start Trainer / Stop Trainer
    • Time Until the Next Training: (XX.XX.XX)
  • Misc
    • Auto Add Kagune / Quinque Stats
    • Auto Add Durability Stats
    • Auto Kick
    • Auto Use Skills (on Bosses)
      • E, R, C, F
Ro-Ghoul Script – Farm Options

If you want to use this free script, which has much better features than other ro ghoul cheats given above, you need to follow the steps below in order. If you get an error, please do not forget to join the cheatersoul discord server or leave a comment. In this way, we can help you or offer alternative ro ghoul scripts.

  1. First, click on the “Visit Script Page” button below.
  2. Then wait 25 seconds for the soul pastebin site to open.
  3. Copy the script from the opened site. (Do not download anything!)
  4. Open the Ro-Ghoul game in Roblox.
  5. Open any working paid or free roblox exploit. Like vega x exploit!
  6. Paste the script you copied into the exploit and execute it!

Visit Script Page


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