RaweTrip CSGO Hack – Free CSGO Hack Rawetrip 2021

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rawetrip csgo hack - free csgo hack rawetrip
   Version: 29.01.22
Developer: trapwest

Another Free CSGO Hack RaweTrip, or you can say rawetrip csgo hack for CSGO got into our hands, which we might want to put on this site. If you need help or have questions you can go to the Discord Server by CLICKING HERE!


This cheat was based on the popular LEGENDWARE hack, the usefulness was improved, the hack structure was totally changed, a few issues were fixed and the cheat was sought after among different players.

How to Use RaweTrip CSGO Hack?
  1. Download rawetrip-csgohack.zip
  2. Extract it to Desktop
  3. Download Any Working DLL Injector
  4. Start csgo.exe
  5. Start Any Working Injector
  6. Inject rawetrip.dll to csgo.exe
  7. Enjoy!
Free CSGO Hack Rawetrip Features;
  • Rage Bot
    • Silent Aimbot
    • Automatic Fire
    • Automatic Wall
    • Automatic Scope
    • Zeus Aimbot
    • Knife Aimbot
    • Pitch Resolver
    • Two-Shot Damage
    • Force Safe Point
    • Force Body Aim
  • Exploits
    • Hide Shots
    • Double Tap
  • Legit Bot
  • SkinChanger
  • Visual
    • Kill Effect
    • Damage Marker
    • Free Timer
    • Smoke Timer
    • Bomb Indicator
    • Penetration Crosshair
    • Secret Crosshair
    • Nightmode & MORE
  • Mics
  • Aimbot
  • Config

rawetrip csgo hack features

FAQ RaweTrip
  • Where are the configs stored?
    • “appdata/roaming/rawetripp/”
  • All icons are not displayed, what should I do?
    • It is enough to install fonts from the archive attached with the dll
  • Where can I download the config from?
    • The developer’s config is attached in the archive

It is fitting to utilize a goal of 1920×1080, there might be issues with the interface

Download Rawetrip Hack

Password: 123


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