Pummel Party Hack FREE 2021

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pummel party hack
   Version: 2.4
Developer: gunshotwounds

Pummel Party Hack is a free cheat. This cheat is an improved and updated version of the previously released Pummel Party Cheat. You are in the right place to download the pummel party cheat that works with all features!


About Pummel Party

Pummel Party is a 4-player on the web and nearby multiplayer party game. Pummel companions or AI utilizing a wide cluster of silly things in the board mode and contend to obliterate fellowships in the special assortment of minigames. The points of the game is to gather as many “prizes” (which fluctuate contingent upon the levels subject) by gathering keys from the board or from small scale games.

Pummel Party Hack Features;

  • DaringDogfight – (ESP) – (Buggy but works)
  • SpookySpikes – (Auto Jump / Crouch)
  • SandySearch – (ESP)
  • LaserLeap – (Press L-Ctrl to add 1 point)
  • ThunderTrench – (Chaser) – Broken, trying to fix.
  • MysteryMaze – (Show the path)

How to Use Pummel Party Hack?

  1. with BepInEx Injector
    1. How to Use BepInEx Injector
  2. with SharpMonoInjector 2.4 modded by Wh0Am1
how to use pummel party hack
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If you have questions about the pummel party cheat, you can come to our discord server. Or you can write in the comments section!

Download Pummel Party Hack

Password: soul


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