Project Rencify Phasmophobia Hack 2021

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project rencify phasmophobia hack
   Version: 0.4
Developer: Rencify

Project Rencify Phasmophobia Hack is a newly released undetected and free phasmophobia hack. Simple to use, you can inject the dll into the game with injector.


Project Rencify Phasmophobia Hack Features:

  • Lobby Tab
    • Force Start Game (Must be host and have map selected)
    • Check who is the host
  • Player Tab
    • Change Name
    • Object Distance (Grab & Throw Distance Modifiers)
    • Infinite Stamina
    • FOV Changer
    • Walk through doors
    • Suicide
    • Interact while dead (only works properly if you use suicide first)
  • ESP Tab
    • Player ESP
    • Ghost ESP
    • Ouija ESP
    • Bone ESP
    • Fuse ESP
    • RGB Colour Changer (cause why the fuck not)
  • Troll Tab (Please don’t ruin the game for others, be sly with it)
    • Move Prop
    • Move Door
    • Soundboard (Locked Door, Unlocked Door)
    • Ghost Information Window (Displays ghost information, and banshee target if the ghost is a banshee)
    • Mission Information (Displays mission information, and you can complete/uncomplete missions, but it doesn’t show on others screen)
    • Ghost Hunting Notification (Displays if the ghost is hunting and stopped hunting)
    • Hotkeys Tab (Change hotkeys for different features etc.)
    • Themes Tab (Change menu theme colour with presets, or customize your own)
  • Credits
    • Everyone in the Phasmophobia Reversal Thread that contributed with key information
    • Big thanks to Crassmaker for helping me understand IL2CPP scaffolding & helping me get started with IL2CPP modding
    • Among Us Menu (Hooking methods)
    • ImGUI
    • ImGUI Notify Add-on by Deathstroke

Rencify, the developer of the cheat, has designed a very nice menu for the cheat. The main color of the menu is blue. It contains many features. A few of these features are mentioned above. All of the specified features work with the update / sharing time of the cheat.

If you want to use cheats in the phasmophobia game and do not know which cheat to use, you can search by typing “Phasmophobia Hack” from the search button in the upper right corner of the cheatersoul site. You can use the current cheat that was shared on the latest date from the cheats released. In this way, you can use cheats without being banned from the phasmophobia game.


  1. Click the Download Project Rencify Phasmophobia Hack button.
  2. Wait 25 seconds for the cheat to download.
  3. Extract the .dll in the downloaded “Project Rencify .zip” file to the desktop.
  4. Open the game Phasmophobia.
  5. Inject the cheat thanks to any free injector available on CheaterSoul site.

Download Project Rencify Phasmophobia Hack

Password: 123

If you couldn’t do the cheat and you need help, you can ask for help in the comments section below or join the CheaterSoul Discord Server.

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