Pressure Wash Simulator Script – INFINITY WATER HACK 2021

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pressure wash simulator script
   Version: 0.0.1
Developer: CheaterSoul

Pressure Wash Simulator Script is a free cheat. Unlimited water cheat is the best feature of this script. You can easily earn money and buy new items thanks to the unlimited water cheat.

Pressure Wash Simulator Script Feature;

This cheat has only one feature, but this feature is a very good feature. That’s why we wanted to present you the cheat as quickly as possible. In front of you….


Thanks to this cheat, you will not need to find a water source to refill the water tank in the game. Because this cheat gives you unlimited water, so you can quickly earn money and buy items.

How to Use Pressure Wash Simulator Hack?

  • Click the Visit Script Page Button
  • Copy the Script Code from Ubuntu Pastebin
  • Start the Pressure Wash Simulator
  • Launch your sploit or executer (same thing 🙂 )
  • Inject and Execute the Script!

Visit Script Page


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