Pet Simulator X Script – UPDATED PET SIMULATOR X HACK 2021

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pet simulator x script
   Version: 2.16
Developer: Jxnt - xxYoloxx

Pet Simulator X Script is an updated and free cheat newly shared on cheatersoul site. You can use this script, which we have shared on the Ubuntu pastebin site, with paid and free exploits.

A substitute content of Pet Simulator X Script on Roblox. You can get more grounded by get-together gold in the game. You can add fortitude to your power by getting an animal. Solid and beautiful game. There are different areas and different things in the game. Cheat will help you with this.


Pet Simulator X Script Features;

  • Home
  • Farming (Temporarily broken on 22.01.2022)
    • Farm Coins
    • Farm Fantasy Coins
    • Farm Tech Coins
    • Farm Diamonds
    • Instant Collect Orbs
  • Pets
    • Open Eggs
    • Egg Type
    • Golden Version
    • Remove Egg Animation
    • Auto Upgrade
  • Misc
    • Redeem Codes
    • Teleport
    • Redeem Some Gamepasses
    • Collect Rank Rewards
    • Collect VIP Rewards
    • Anti Purchase Prompt
    • FPS Boost
    • Walkspeed
    • Jump Power
    • Open GUIs
      • Golden
      • Fuse
      • Rainbow
      • Merchant
      • Upgrades
      • Dark Matter
      • Pet Index
  • Settings and Much More in This Free Roblox Scripts!
Pet Simulator X Script - UPDATED PET SIMULATOR X HACK 2021 4

There are many provisions in this pet test system x cheat. I have kept in touch with a portion of these components above. However, since there are such countless components, it very well may be an issue to keep in touch with them all. That is the reason I kept in touch with you just the fundamental provisions. To see different provisions, you can learn by utilizing the content we share free of charge.


  1. Click the “Visit Pet Simulator X Cheat/Script Page” button
  2. Wait 25 seconds for you to be redirected to the script we shared on the Ubuntu pastebin site.
  3. Copy the script
  4. Open the Pet Simulator X game on Roblox
  5. Launch your paid or free roblox exploit //eg. Vega X, JJSploit, Synapse X….
  6. Inject and execute the script!

These creatures range from important felines and puppies to baffling winged snakes and unicorns. A piece of these beasts can be difficult to get without a wallet stacked with gold, and that is where we come in.

Visit Pet Simulator X Cheat/Script Page


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