Pet Simulator X Script 2022 – AutoFarm Hack & MORE

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pet simulator x script 2022 - autofarm hack & more
   Version: 5.11.2022
Developer: Luci Drink Pink

Pet Simulator X Script 2022 is a newly released free pet simulator x cheat. It is a script with many features such as Autofarm, walkspeed, free gamepass.

Pet Simulator X Script 2022 Features;

  • Main
    • Auto Farm Speed
    • Auto Farm
    • Instant / Auto Orb Pickup
    • Free Gamepasses
    • Auto Redeem Rank Rewards
  • Universal
    • Walk Speed
    • Jump Power
    • Anti AFK
    • Non Detected
  • Credits

Hello dear cheatersoul’s cheaters, in this article, I will show you the pet simulator x script that you can use for free and has been undetected for a very long time and has been working perfectly. As you can see in the title, you DON’T need synapse x exploit for pet simulator x script 2022. This script supports almost all exploits. For example you can use this free pet simulator gui with vega x exploit or jjsploit exploit.

Pet Simulator X Script 2022 - AutoFarm Hack & MORE 5

As you can see in the images below and above, you can improve very quickly thanks to this cheat. In both pictures I have the maximum coins you can have in the game. I have Insane Hacker rank in the top picture and it’s so ironic! Moreover, although there are very few features in this cheat, it will be very useful for you.

pet simulator x script 2022 - autofarm hack & more update
Pet Simulator X Script 2022 - AutoFarm Hack & MORE 6

How to Use Pet Simulator X Hack?

  1. Click the “Visit Script Page” button and wait 10 seconds for redirection!
  2. Copy the script from Soul Pastebin site (do not download anything)
  3. Play the Pet Simulator X game
  4. Start your roblox executer.
    • (If you don’t have roblox exploit you can search on cheatersoul website! [like “exploit”])
    • You can use jjsploit, vega x or duckysploit free roblox executor.
  5. Inject the exploit and execute the free Pet Simulator X Script!

Visit Script Page


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  1. Thanks, working great. I only wish it had the option to farm where it sent individual pets to each thing instead of only farming one thing at a time.

      1. There is and I have used it, but it just bulky and has a lot of things I dont care for. This script is for compact and confined and everything works flawlessly, the autofarm only having the option to single attack is my only complaint.. but still, great work!

  2. I touch the script it said download after i download it said virus and nothing just white thing is not working pls help