Osiris CSGO Hack – Open Source CSGO Cheat 2022

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osiris csgo hack
   Version: 05/27/2022
Developer: danielkrupinski

Osiris CSGO Hack has been available on the free csgo cheat market for a long time as open source. The developer of the osiris csgo hack, daniel krupinski, updates this cheat almost every day. This osiris csgo hack is really the best cheat that gets updates for free. If you can find a good osiris csgo hack config, you can use it.

Hello dear Cheater Soul visitors, today we are going to show you the osiris csgo cheat. This open source cs go cheat was developed by daniel krupinski and is updated daily for free! Rendering and gui powered by dear imgui freetype.

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Osiris CSGO Hack Features:

  • Aimbot Features of CSGO Osiris Cheat
    • Enabled / Disabled
    • Aimbot On Key (Select Your Key)
    • Aimlock to enemy (Depends on the Smooth setting)
    • Silent Aim
    • Shoot Only Visible
    • Shoot Only When Scope Is Open (Only for aug, ssg, awp, auto…)
    • Ignore flash and Smoke
    • Shoot Automatically
    • Open Scope Automatically
  • Triggerbot – When the crosshair comes over the target, it automatically starts firing.
    • Enabled / Disabled
    • Trigger Bot On key (Select Your Key)
    • How long should you wait to shoot after seeing the target
  • Backtrack – abuse lag compensation in order to move players back in time
    • Enabled / Disabled
    • Time limit – limit the backtracking window [1200ms]
  • Glow – render glow effect on entities
  • Chams – color player models to improve visibility
osiris csgo hack
  • ESP Hack for Counter Strike Global Offensive game
  • Visual Features of Osiris Free CSGO Cheat
    • Disable post-processing
    • Inverse ragdoll gravity
    • Remove fog – remove fog from map for better visibility
    • Remove 3d sky – increases FPS
    • Remove visual recoil – remove visual recoil punch effect
    • Remove hands
    • Remove sleeves
    • Remove weapons
    • Remove smoke
    • Remove blur
    • Remove scope overlay
    • Remove grass
    • Remove shadows – disable dynamic shadows
    • Wireframe smoke – render smoke skeleton instead of particle effect
    • Zoom ( Select Key ) – enable zoom on unzoomable weapons
    • Third person
    • Third person distance
    • FarZ – far clipping range, useful after disabling fog on large maps (e.g dz_sirocco) to render distant buildings
    • Flash reduction
    • Change Brightness
    • Skybox Changer
    • World Color Changer
    • Deagle spinner – play “spinning” inspect animation when holding Deagle
    • Screen effect – screen space effect – Drone cam, Drone cam with noise, Underwater, Healthboost, Danger zone
    • Hit effect – show screen effect on enemy hit
    • Hitmarker – show a cross detail on enemy hit
  • Inventory Changer – add weapon skins, stickers, knives, gloves, medals and more to your in-game inventory
  • Sound Volume Changer – To hear more footsteps
  • Miscellaneous
    • Change Menu Key – Default key is the INSERT button
    • Change Menu style
    • Change Menu color
    • Anti-AFK
    • Auto strafe
    • Bunny hop – No need sv cheats 🙂
    • Clan tag – set custom clan tag
    • Animated clan tag – animate clan tag
    • Fast duck – remove crouch delay
    • Sniper crosshair – draw crosshair while holding sniper rifle
    • Recoil crosshair – crosshair follows recoil pattern
    • Auto pistol – fire pistols like automatic rifles
    • Auto reload – automatically reload if weapon has empty clip
    • Auto accept – automatically accept competitive match
    • Radar hack – show enemies positions on radar
    • Reveal ranks – show player ranks in scoreboard in competitive modes
    • Reveal money – show enemies’ money in scoreboard
    • Spectator list – show nicknames of players spectating you
    • Watermark – show cheat name in the upper-left screen corner and fps & ping in the upper-right corner
    • Offscreen Enemies – draw circles on the screen indicating that there are enemies behind us
    • Fix animation LOD – fix aimbot inaccuracy for players behind local player
    • Fix bone matrix – correct client bone matrix to be closer to server one
    • Disable model occlusion – draw player models even if they are behind thick walls
    • Kill message – print message to chat after killing an enemy
    • Name stealer – mimic other players names
    • Custom clan tag – set a custom clan tag
    • Fast plant – plants bomb on bombsite border, when holding LMB or E key
    • Fast Stop – stops the player faster than normal
    • Quick reload – perform quick weapon switch during reload for faster reload
    • Prepare revolver [ key ] – keep revolver cocked, optionally on key
    • Fix tablet signal – allow use tablet on underground (dangerzone)
    • Hit Sound – sound emitted when hurting enemy
    • Choke packets – length of sequence of chocked ticks
    • Max angle delta – maximum view angles change per tick
    • Aspect Ratio – allows you to change the aspect ratio
    • Purchase List – show the purchased equipment by enemies.
    • Reportbot – automatically report players on server for cheating or other abusive actions
      • Enabled – on / off master switch
      • Target – report target Enemies/Allies/All
      • Delay – delay between reports, in seconds
      • Aimbot – report for aim assistance
      • Wallhack – report for visual assistance
      • Other – report for other assistance
      • Griefing – report for griefing
      • Abusive Communications – report for abusive communications
    • Unhook – unload cheat
  • Config of Osiris CSGO Hack – JSON-based configuration system
    • Create config – create new configuration file
    • Reset config – restore default configuration settings (does not touch saved configuration)
    • Load selected – load selected configuration file
    • Save selected – save selected configuration file
    • Delete selected – delete selected configuration file
    • Reload configs – reload configs list


  1. Click the “Download” button from below.
  2. Please wait 10 seconds to download the free cheat.
  3. Extract the downloaded .zip file to the desktop.
  4. Open any csgo dll injector.
  5. Launch Counter Strike Global Offensive game.
  6. Select osiris.dll and inject it to the CS:GO game.
  7. You can see the cheat menu by pressing the INSERT button.
Download Osiris Cheat

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