New World Fishing Bot Hack 2021

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new world fishing bot hack
   Version: saixo
Developer: 2.0.2

New World Fishing Bot Hack automatically fishes you without you having to do anything. It is a free, undetected and up-to-date New World Cheat.


New World Fishing Bot Hack Features:

  • Set Cast-Power
  • Set Repair after X Runs
  • Anti Anti-AFK
  • High Tension Mode
  • Stop Bot when encumbered
  • Edit Tolerances for Image/Color detections
  • Customize Images/Colors/Areas
  • Save/Reload/Reset Settings
  • Set Free Look Key to either Left-ALT or B
  • Save/Load Game Window Location & option to move it to “0, 0”
  • Randomized offset Click-Location for Repair
  • Randomized Cast-Power offset
  • Randomized Delays

For other Resolutions, or if you run into problems with image/color detection, you can edit the images, colors & areas. Images by either picking them from the game window, or by loading an image from your disk. Colors with a built in colorpicker, or by entering a colorcode + matchsize. Areas, you spawn(they will spawn at your mouse location when entering the Area Mode with F8 after clicking the start button in the edit window), drag them where you want them, resize them & save them.


About New World (Fishing)

Fishing Hotspots behave like fishing hubs, significantly expanding how quick fish nibble your line. See the Fishing Hotspots page for additional subtleties, including a rundown of what Fishing ability level every area of interest opens. Use snare to build your shot at getting more uncommon or greater fish. You can accumulate, cook, and plunder various goads. A Fishing Pole is the Tool utilized in fishing, made with the Engineering create. Better shafts influence 3 things:

  • Expanded projecting distance
  • Pressure recuperation
  • A slight modifier to fish extraordinariness

The Fishing Stories (journeys) start with Fishing With Shields, given by Master Fisher Michael Shields only west of Windsward Settlement.

new world fishing bot hack dev notes

The storyline sends you all over Aeternum, so be prepared to enter some hazardous spots for your fishing undertakings!


  1. Click the “Download New World Fishing Bot” button below.
  2. Wait 25 seconds for the cheat to download.
  3. Extract the downloaded .zip file to the desktop.
  4. Open the .exe in the extracted file.
  5. Open the New World game.
  6. Make the necessary adjustments and start using it.

Thanks to the New World Fishing Bot Hack, you can improve in the game without doing anything. Leave it on before you go to bed at night or go to work/school in the morning, and then when you get home or wake up there will be loads of rewards waiting for you. This cheat, which you can fully contract as AFK, is shared on the cheatersoul site completely free of charge.

Download New World Fishing Bot Hack

Password: 123


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