New Pet Simulator X Script GUI 2021 – FARM HACK

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new pet simulator x script gui
   Version: 1.0
Developer: Mokuro

New Pet Simulator X Script GUI is a nice pet simulator x hack that has the most different and beautiful GUI I’ve ever used and has various auto farm options.

main auto farm menu
Auto Farm Menu

Hello again to all of you CheaterSoul’s cheaters. We are here to offer you quality Roblox scripts and free game hacks. Make your games more enjoyable, as we do every day. Before explaining this cheat, we will make a small request from you. We make these cheats for you to enjoy the games more and we have to work for a very long time in return if you keep following us and advising cheater soul website to your friends we can share more cheats.



  • Main
    • Farm Type
      • Single Target
      • Multi Target
      • Lowest HP
    • Select Area
    • Instant Collect
    • Auto Farm
  • Auto Egg
    • Auto Open Egg
    • Auto 3x Egg Hatch (Gamepasses)
    • Remove Egg Animation
    • Select Egg
  • Pets
    • Auto Enchant
    • Auto Golden and other pet stuffs
  • Misc
    • Lag Reducer
    • Stats Tracker and others…

Let’s explain the new pet simulator x script GUI now. First of all, time is irreversible and precious so we are all sure that one of the most annoying parts of our game is the waiting time when the egg is cracked so we are removing the egg breaking animation with our cheat. We get your automatic ranking rewards so you don’t miss out on your reward when you’re too busy and can’t enter the game. This is valid for VIP rewards.

new pet simulator x script gui menu
Pets Menu

One of the best parts of the new pet simulator x script GUI cheat is that you can buy the animal you want and not only that, you can choose the type you want for free. And yes, you can use the advanced auto farm option. If it makes this possible for free, you can copy our cheat and play your game in a more enjoyable way easily, we wish you a good time!


  1. Click the “Visit Pet Simulator X Script Page” button
  2. Wait 25 seconds for you to be redirected to the script we shared on the Soul Pastebin site.
  3. Copy the Free Pet Simulator X Script!
  4. Open the Pet Simulator X game on Roblox
  5. Launch your paid or free roblox exploit //eg. Vega X Exploit, JJSploit, Synapse X….
  6. Inject and execute the new pet simulator x script gui!

Visit Pet Simulator X Script Page


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