Neox Valorant Cheat 2022

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neox valorant cheat

Neox Valorant Cheat; It is a new hack that you can use for free, has aimbot feature and is currently working. Thanks to this cheat, you can become immortal in a short time, but this cheat may permanently ban your account from the valorant game. So don’t try it on your main account.


Known issues of Neox Cheat;

  1. Mouse or Aimbot Are Not Working?

    Close Valorant and Neox cheat
    Open the Device Manager and go to “Mice and Other Pointing Devices”
    You will see a list of mices there, you need to disable all of them except your actual mouse, you can check which one is your mouse one by plugging in & out your mouse.
    After rest of the devices are disabled, launch valorant and then the cheat

If you are having trouble using this free valorant hack, you can request help from us by joining our discord server.

How to Use Neox Valorant Cheat?

  1. Click the “Download” button from below
  2. Wait 10 seconds for download
  3. Extract the downloaded file to desktop (zip password: 123)
  4. Open the Valorant game
  5. Open neox valorant.exe as administrator
  6. Press login button
  7. Go to your settings in Valorant game and change the enemy highlight color to purple – red – yellow.
    • You need to select the same color in the cheat loader
  8. Play at fullscreen windowed settings
  9. Turn off Corpses in Valorant game
  10. These are the settings made to avoid problems


Password: 123


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