Meep City Auto Farm Script / Hack 2021

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meep city auto farm script
   Version: 13.11
Developer: Rain

Meep City Auto Farm Script is a free and simple to use meep city cheat that was released in 2021 and shared on the ubuntu pastebin site.

Meep City Auto Farm Hack Features:

  • Main
    • Auto Farm
    • Get Car
    • Get Jetpack
    • Get Random Toy
  • Credits
  • Theme

Using the Meep City cheat is very simple, it has only 4 features. We have given these four features above. Actually, it is not right to say 4 features, there are features that work for four games. Other features are simple and unrelated to the game, such as changing the color of the menu.


  1. Click the button below to go to the Soul pastebin page where we shared the script.
  2. Wait 25 seconds to be redirected.
  3. Copy the script.
  4. Open the game Meep City.
  5. Unlock any of your working roblox exploits. (We have vega x exploit and jjsploit exploit on our site.)
  6. Inject the exploit and paste and execute the script you copied.

We showed you how to use the cheat in 6 steps above. If you couldn’t do the hack, you can ask for support in the comments section below, or if your business is urgent, you can come to our discord server and ping the authorities.

Visit Meep City Auto Farm Script Page


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