Indicted Hack 2021

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indicted hack
   Version: 1.0
Developer: wh0am15533

Indicted Hack is a newly released free cheat. This cheat, where you can duplicate items, have a wallhack feature and kill ghosts, has been shared on cheatersoul

The developer of this cheat, wh0am15533, has been making free cheats for many games for a long time. His cheats are completely safe and free. The developer of almost all free trainers hacks shared on our site, wh0am15533 is one of the best developers for you cheaters.

INDICTED” is a first-individual mental frightfulness game investigating the apprehensions of Arthur, a police agent with a dim past. With vivid illustrations and conditions, and a hint of ghastliness from the 80s and 90s. In this manner bringing a novel encounter of ghastliness and endurance.


how to use indicted hack but image
Indicted Hack 2021 4
  • Namespace: Trainer
  • Class: TrainerLoader
  • Method: Init

You can open and close the menu of this cheat with the “Backspace”, that is, the delete key. You can make your life infinite (i.e. immortal). You can open ESP (wallhack) and kill ghosts with one click. In this way, you can quickly improve in the game.

Download Indicted Hack

Password: 123


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