Idxhook Phasmophobia Hack FREE 2021

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idxhook phasmophobia hack
Developer: Suwup

Idxhook Phasmophobia Hack is a newly updated free phasmophobia hack. There are many features in this free cheat. For example, Ghost Esp, Speed Hack, Player ESP and much more. If you want to get this free Phasmophobia hack too. You can download it for free from the download button at the bottom of the page!


How to Use Idxhook Phasmophobia Hack?

  1. Download the Idxhook Phasmophobia Hack .zip
  2. Extract DLL to Desktop (pass: 123)
  3. Open any working injector (if you dont have injector click here!)
  4. Open the Phasmophobia and Inject the DLL
idxhook phasmophobia cheat
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Idxhook Phasmophobia Hack Features;

  • Misc
    • Speed Cheat (walkspeed)
    • Render Ghost
    • Become a Master Client (Currently Disabled for Some Reasons)
    • Become a Ghost (Host User Only)
    • Start the Hunt (Host User Only),
    • Spawn Items (Host User Only) (This Feature is Currently Disabled)
    • Field Of View Changer (FOV Changer)
    • Teleport Bone
    • Teleport Ouija
  • Visuals
    • Player ESP
      • Skeleton
      • Nick
      • Custom Color Mode
    • Ghost ESP
      • 2D Box (ONLY CORNERS)
      • 3D Box
    • Skeleton
      • Name
      • Custom Color Mode
  • Item Esp
    • Name
    • Custom Color Mode

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About Phasmophobia

Apparitions are the principle focal point of Phasmophobia. An apparition is the ethereal profound substance of a dead individual that waits on Earth, regularly having experienced an unexpected and rough demise.

idxhook phasmophobia hacks
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It is the fundamental target of the player(s) to enter and investigate deserted frequented Locations to assemble Evidence, look for Ghost Activity and arrive at a decision about the Ghost’s essence and characterization. Apparitions won’t stay inactive and, once disturbed or undermined, will start starting Hunts, in which they become bodily

Trying to kill players (during a chase, it will streak, showing up for 0.08 to 0.3 seconds each 0.3 to 1 seconds (save for Phantoms, which just show up each 1 to 2 seconds). Apparitions benefit from players’ Sanity, depleting it and making them bound to Hunt.

Download Phasmophobia Hack

Password: 123


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