How to Use BepInEx Injector 5.4.15 Clear

how to use bepinex injector

How to Use BepInEx Injector, BepInEx is anything but a conventional injector that we regularly use to infuse dlls however it’s a greater amount of an open souce a module/modding system for Unity Mono, IL2CPP and .NET structure games (XNA, FNA, MonoGame, and so on) in view of Doorstop – which is another instrument used to execute gatherings inside Unity.

This implies that you can’t utilize this to infuse dlls in different games that aren’t founded on the motors/backends recorded previously. What’s more, since BepInEx is certifiably not a normal injector a many individuals don’t actually have a clue how to utilize it. This is the reason I’m making this instructional exercise. So we are teaching How to Use BepInEx Injector!

Version brought some breaking changes to how command line arguments are passed. Refer to the release changelogs for more info. bepinex is a tool to execute managed assemblies inside Unity as early as possible! And inspect How to Use BepInEx Injector 5.4.15 (latest version of bepinex injector)!


⚠️ BepInEx 5 currently enters long haul support (LTS) mode

BepInEx 5.4 is the last form of BepInEx 5 with significant updates. Any BepInEx 5 deliveries beginning adaptation 5.4 will be minor and just contain fixes alongside bundle rendition refreshes. Our primary advancement concentrate currently moves to carrying out BepInEx 6.

For designers: BepInEx 5 source code is currently kept up with on v5-lts branch. Thus ace branch will begin facilitating BepInEx 6 source. All PRs with respect to BepInEx 5 ought to focus on that branch rather than ace. So you can see How to Use BepInEx Injector!

Platform compatibility chart

Unity Mono✔️✔️✔️N/A
Unity IL2CPP✔️❌ (Wine only)
.NET / XNA✔️MonoMonoN/A

A more comprehensive comparison list of features and compatibility is available at

Windows (PowerShell)

Clone this repository via git clone
After that, run in the repository directory

./build.ps1 --target=Build

Make sure you have the execution policy set to enable running scripts.

How to Use BepInEx Injector?

  1. Download the BepInEx [].zip file
  2. Download the your trainer dll
  3. Extract the files in the zip file (most important ones being “winhttp.dll”, “doorstep_config.ini” and the “BepInEx” folder. So, make sure they are there!) to the root directory of the game you want inject the dll into
  4. Send the trainer dll in the BepInEx folder
  5. Open doorstop_config.ini with an editor of your choice (I recommend notepad++)
  6. In the 5th line you will see a variable called “targetAssembly”
    As default this variable is equal to “BepInExcoreBepInEx.Preloader.dll
    Change this to BepInEx**name_of_the.dll**  For example: “targetAssembly=BepInExtrainer.dll”
  7. Save the file by pressing CTRL + S or by clicking on the save button on the top left
  8. And this is it. Now run the game and the dll will be injected automatically.

If you cant use bepinex injector with How to Use BepInEx Injector article, you can use another injector. On the off chance that it didn’t work for you if it’s not too much trouble, read the post by and by cautiously or look at our other instructional exercise on How to infuse mentor dll with Doorstop.

I’ve additionally incorporated some screen captures of the means that individuals might experience difficulty with down beneath, look at them. This is a basic instructional exercise on the inquiry How to infuse coach dll with BepInEx. I will not delve into unmistakable subtleties to keep it speedy and justifiable.

BepInEx Injector Screenshots;

resim 2021 08 18 150017

Extracting BepInEx files in the root directory of the game.

resim 2021 08 18 150115

Extracting the trainer dll in the BepInEx folder.

resim 2021 08 18 150152

Editing the config file.

resim 2021 08 18 150232

Saving the config file.