Hearts of Iron 4 Multiplayer Hack INTERNAL 2021

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hearts of iron 4 multiplayer hack
   Version: 1.7.8
Developer: Mastoid

Hearts of Iron 4 Multiplayer Hack is a free hoi 4 cheat. The most important feature of this hearts of iron cheat is that it works in muliplayer and singleplayer. The cheat is an internal cheat. Its features are pretty fun. It’s entirely up to you to use it! UNDETECTED HEARTS OF IRON 4 MULTIPLAYER HACK FOR FREE!


Hearts of Iron 4 Multiplayer Hack Features;

  • Enable all DLCs. (without having to own them)
  • Disable all DLCs.
  • Join lobby as ghost.
  • Add fake players.
  • Enable tdebug.
  • Force start lobby.
  • Tag switch to other countries.

All features work in multiplayer and singleplayer without desyncs.

hearts of iron 4 hack

Hearts of Iron 4 Hack Known Issues;

  1. Now and then adding a phony player crashes the game.
  2. All together for the tdebug catch to work you need to initially stack into singleplayer, open the control center, and type tdebug into the control center something like 1 time. (sorry don’t have the foggiest idea how to discover the offset of class pointers) The catch is then usable in both multiplayer and singleplayer.
  3. The game should be dispatched in windowed mode.

How to Tag Switch?

1. Enable tdebug.
2. Enter in the number found here on the tdebug screen into the tag switch box;


How to Use Hearts of Iron 4 Cheat?

  1. Download the HOI 4 Hack
  2. Extract DLL to Desktop
  3. Download and Open Any Working Injector!
  4. Open the HEARTS OF IRON 4
  5. Inject the DLL to GAME

Download HOI 4 Hack

Password: Soul


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