GTA 5 Kiddions Mod Menu Hack 2022

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gta 5 kiddions mod menu hack
   Version: 0.9.3
Developer: Kiddion

GTA 5 Kiddions Mod Menu Hack; It is a gta 5 cheat menu developed by kiddion for free, working as undetected and receiving regular updates.


FAQ of GTA 5 Kiddions Mod Menu Hack:

  1. Downloading the mod menu fails – Why is Windows Defender/Avast/… saying this is a virus?

    This GTA 5 cheat is looking for key-presses (to navigate the menu) and is reading/writing to the memory of another process and some AV are nervous about that. This mod has been manually reviewed thoroughly by a cheater soul's staff team!

  2. Why aren't my numpad keys working?

    Please press “Numlock On”.

  3. I can start the kiddion mod menu, but none of the options seem to work?

    If you can navigate the menu, but none of the menu options seem to work it is probably caused by your anti-virus blocking the mod from writing to the GTA5.exe process. Please make an exclusion, disable your AV or switch to a better one. (And remember, Windows Defender is an AV too…)
    In some cases, especially on Steam, you may need to run the mod “As Administrator” (when the game was started “As Administrator” too, e.g. after an update).

  4. Can I run this in a VM?

    No, you can't.

  5. Why can I only see the menu when I + out of the game?

    In full screen mode, the game has exclusive access to the screen, the menu can't draw on top of it. Like any external, please run in windowed or windowed borderless mode.

  6. Why does the menu instantly close when I open it?

    To anyone having the problem where the menu instantly closes when you open it, tap the 0 on NUMPAD a few times and try to open the menu again, that should help.

  7. Can I use this online?

    Yes, some functions only work when online.
    gta 5 kiddions mod menu hack 2022

  8. “Can I spawn for others?”

    If you spawn an anonymous vehicle, others should be able to access that too. And you can spawn multiple anonymous vehicles as long as you don't keep standing at the exact same spot.

  9. “Does this menu have any money options?”

    This mod has a strong focus on enhancing the regular gameplay, rather than add loads of money fast. However, there are a couple of ways to make some extra money. E.g. you can upgrade the NPC money pickups in the game, get better money rewards for e.g. doing daily missions and mission jobs, do IE/MC/Bunker missions without cooldown and more. It is also possible to drop money on either yourself of players in sight (either near you or while spectating).

    The best way at the moment is by using the “Minimum Job Payout” and start a mission like “Blow Up II” that's going to fail when you blow up all vehicles. When the mission has started, go to the World section in the mod menu and scroll to “Kill All Cars”.

    Now you can repeatedly:

    Press Numpad5 (kill all cars, failing the mission)
    Wait a couple of seconds (about 10 seconds)

    Press “PageUp” (Quick restart)
    Wait about 50 seconds for the mission to load.
    This will make you 100k/minute. I hear you can tweak it to go even faster, with a 20s total for each cycle.

Known Issues of GTA V Kiddions Mod Menu Cheat:

  • Some of the time generating a vehicle by means of Pegasus will not succeed. You’ll have the money in question returned all things considered. I’m actually investigating this.
  • In the wake of incapacitating the waterproof choice for a vehicle, it will bob on water rather than lower.
  • Utilizing the web-based Repair Vehicle choice might set off a perpetual demise circle in the game. It’s a bug in the game.
  • MKII ammo might become broken in the wake of utilizing Max Ammo/Max All Ammo, Infinite Ammo/Clip.
  • Unknown vehicle producing won’t work when there’s something in the manner, for example a current vehicle, npc or article. Reposition a little or stroll while continue to attempt.
  • Some of the time getting your own vehicle won’t work the initial time. After that it ought to turn out great.
  • Without a vacant carport opening, you will not have the option to utilize the “Individual Vehicle Spawning” technique. Use Pegasus as well as Anonymous all things being equal.
gta 5 kiddions mod menu hack for 2022 gta v
GTA 5 Kiddions Mod Menu Hack 2022 5
  • For most things with ranges in the gta 5 kiddions mod menu hack (for example Weapon Range) you really want to press the activity key (Numpad 5) to apply the change. I might decide to change this later on.
  • Vehicle God mode and gravity changes are gone once you enter another vehicle. This is on the grounds that these are a for every vehicle setting. The main time the “God mode” bit is flipped for a vehicle, is the point at which you really press the god mode button. The possibly time gravity is changed is the point at which you change it utilizing the menu.
  • Vehicle settings like taking care of choices are reestablished for the past vehicle once you enter another one. This is purposeful, vehicle dealing with choices apply to all vehicles in the game that have similar model so likewise the ones NPCs drive.
  • Weapon settings like reach and harm are reestablished once you change to an alternate weapon. This is deliberate, these weapon choices apply to all weapons in the game that have similar model so likewise the ones NPCs are utilizing to shoot you.
  • Off Radar (on the web) is fixed and will just labor briefly. Use Ghost Organization all things considered.
  • New kicks are not difficult to track down, so the Force Kick assurance won’t necessarily deal with each sort of kick.
  • Presumably one of the web-based securities or limitless clasp might slow down the Prison Heist on the off chance that you are the detainee. That far is uncertain precisely which choice. So you can use this gta 5 kiddions mod menu hack for free!

Thanks to this gta 5 kiddions mod menu hack, you can quickly earn money and level up in the game. It can drive the vehicles you want by spawning instantly, and it can fly your vehicles. You can boost their speed or turn them into a non-explosive car. As an example, we added a gta 5 kiddions mod menu hack video to the bottom of this gta 5 hack post.

How to Use GTA 5 Kiddions Mod Menu Hack?

  1. Click the download button below and wait 10 seconds for the mod menu hack to be downloaded.
  2. Turn off all antiviruses on your computer, including Windows Defender.
  3. Open GTA 5 and take the game to “Windowed Borderless Mode” from the settings.
  4. Open the you downloaded and run the .exe in it as administrator.
  5. Congratulations, your GTA V cheat is ready to use! You can open and close the menu with the F5 key.

Download GTA 5 Kiddions Mod Menu Hack

Password: 123

This gta 5 kiddions mod menu cheat video was recorded by TN Polaris.


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