Genshin Impact Teleport Hack 2.1

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genshin impact teleport hack 2.1
   Version: 2.1
Developer: 0x3730

Genshin Impact Teleport Hack is a free cheat. This cheat is simple to use, you will not be banned because it is undetected. Almost all newly released cheats cannot be banned.


How to Use Part 1;

  1. Open the genshin impact completely.
  2. Open Process Hacker 2 -> Click the Process-> Handles-> Find “mhyprot2”-> Close
  3. Open littleteleport.exe as administrator
  4. You can use the genshin impact teleport cheat 

If you couldn’t figure out how to do this cheat even by reading the how to use sections above and below. You can do it by watching the youtube video under the download button. If you are looking for more genshin impact cheats, you can find it faster by typing the name of the game you want from the search button on the top right.

How to Use Genshin Impact Teleport Hack?

  1. Select the area location.
  2. Press “Enter”.
  3. Open the map.
  4. Genshin Impact Cheat will spoof your coordinate, while teleporting by game.

If you couldn’t do the hack even after watching the video, you can come to our discord server and ask for help. By the way, our discord server is shutting down due to cheating. So don’t be surprised by the number of members on the server.


  • “Arrow Up & Down” – for selecting file with location.
  • “Enter” – for “charging” teleport.
  • “F6” – for showing ur real position (used for creating ur locations).
  • “F7” – for disabling holding (use it after then textures is loaded, otherwise u may fall under map).

Download Genshin Impact Teleport Hack

Password: 123


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