Free Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheat – Wicked Menu v3.0

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free red dead redemption 2 cheat
   Version: 3.1
Developer: plumbwicked

Free Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheat; It is an undetected, working, up-to-date and new rdr 2 hack that you can easily use with the help of cheat engine program.


What Can We Do With This Free RDR 2 Cheat?

This cheat is made by plumbwicked and it is the 3rd version of the Free Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheat. This is why there are many features in the cheat, you can find these features in the image below. To explain a few of them; You can have unlimited items with Infinite items, thanks to the locations feature, you can instantly teleport to a place you choose. Apart from that, you can increase the enjoyment of the game thanks to features such as god mode and stamina.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Hack Features:


As always, we shared the features of the free red dead redemption 2 cheat shared on the cheatersoul site, where we share free and undetected cheats. If you want to use this cheat, you can start using the cheat easily by following the steps below. If you are reported by players even though the cheat is undetected, you may be banned.


  1. Install Cheat Engine 7.3 From Clicking Here
  2. Open the Red Dead Redemption 2 in Windowed Borderless and load into game
  3. Once you load into game with feet on the ground,
  4. Open Wicked Menu by Double Clicking WickedMenu.ct cheat engine file
  5. Wait for menu to Self Activate
  6. Use hotkeys to toggle cheats {Only use hotkeys IN-GAME}
  7. Click boxes [X] in Menu to change Hotkey’s
  8. Closing Menu will also close Cheat Engine.
  9. Exiting the menu will close cheat engine.
    1. IF Menu CLOSES ,you WILL have to restart RDR2 and Cheat Engine to activate the Menu.
    2. AGAIN You MUSTREstart BOTH RDR2 and Cheat Engine in order to activate the table again.
    3. This is NOT a trainer , it is a cheat table with a GUI .
    4. You can use my Solo Lobby tool to avoid any Reports. Found Here: RDR2 Solo Lobby Tool.

Download RDR 2 Cheat

Password: 123


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