Free Phasmophobia Cheat 2022

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free phasmophobia cheat
Developer: PappyG

Free Phasmophobia Cheat; It is the new free undetected phasmophobia hack released in 2022. It works with help of Cheat Engine and can be used with one click.


Free Phasmophobia Hack 2022 Features:

  • NewName (Generate a new multiplayer private game lobby, write a new name under the “NewName” PRESS ENTER then change your character model to update name.)
  • Player
  • InfStam (Unlimited Stamina)
  • Movement Speed (Walkspeed Hack)
  • Max Reach (Very Far Reach)
  • ThrowStrength (Edit Throw Strength)
  • Invincible (Don’t Die)
    • HOST: Despawns Ghost On Attack (Everyone)
    • NotHost: Zombie Spawns Body, Drops inventory, cant use any items,
  • Can’t close van.
  • Sanity
  • NoClip (Space for up, CTRL for down, Can only clip up and down)
  • If you audio breaks, go through the main door or up/down stairs to fix.
  • LevelInfo (Opens GhostInfo And PlayerInfo Windows)
  • GhostInfo (Ghost Name, Ghost Type, Ghost Current Location, Evidence)
  • PlayerInfo (Average Player Sanity, Current Room)
  • Fullbright (Brightens Environment Lighting (May cause fps drop if too many lights active, or if in a large map))
  • SpoofID (Changes Steam ID to NoSteam)
  • Binds
  • TP (Teleport = To Truck, To Death Room, To Custom Position.)
  • TP to truck on Maple Lodge Campsite not working in this version.
  • Cursed (Opens CursedObjects Window)
  • TarotCards (Choose Next Card, and Infinite Tarot Cards)

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How to Use Free Phasmophobia Cheat?
  1. Click the “Download” button below.
  2. Wait 10 seconds for the cheat to be downloaded.
  3. Extract the .ce file in the downloaded PhasmoMenu v0.3.7.8 By folder to the desktop.
  4. Open the game Phasmophobia.
  5. Run the cheat and you are ready to use the features!


Password: 123


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