Free GTA 5 Packed Stat Editor Hack

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gta 5 packed stat editor
   Version: 1.58
Developer: TheTamsin

F ree GTA 5 Packed Stat Editor Hack; It is an undetected, working and free gta v online cheat where you can easily change the data in the game.



  • Packed Integer reader and writer
  • Packed Boolean reader and writer
  • Int, Float, Bool, String, Date, and Increment stat editor
  • Compare differences in Packed Ints, Packed Bools, Ints, and Bools
  • A large variety of preset unlocks
  • Global Variable reader & writer
  • IPL Loader
  • Archenemy & Victim editor
  • Char/CEO/MC/Clubhouse/Nightclub name editor
  • Automatic K/D selector
  • Increment Stat Looper (bypass 32 bit int limit on some stats)
  • Player & Crew Rank Editor

We have mentioned a few of the features of the GTA 5 Packed Stat Editor cheat in the form of items at the top. If you want to use this cheat, you can start using it for free by following the step-by-step HOW TO USE section below the images below. Thanks to this cheat, you can edit the stats in the game.

Stuffed details are alluded to by file. You can print out all qualities in a particular reach and search for ones that appear to be intriguing, and you can get things done in game and afterward check for contrasts versus the last time you ran the analyze work. Everything prints to the log window.


  1. Click the “DOWNLOAD” button below.
  2. Wait 25 seconds for the cheat to be downloaded.
  3. Extract the downloaded .zip file to the desktop as a folder.
  4. Download and open one of the free dll injectors available on the CheaterSoul site.
  5. Open GTA 5 game.
  6. Inject the .dll into the GTA 5 in the folder you extracted to the desktop with the help of Injector.


Password: 123

If you have questions or problems about cheating, you can ask us for help by joining the cheatersoul discord server.


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