Free Anime Fighters Simulator Script 2021

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free anime fighters simulator script
   Version: 1.1
Developer: Unknown

Free Anime Fighters Simulator Script is a free and up-to-date anime fighters simulator cheat shared on ubuntu pastebin via cheatersoul site.

Accumulate a gathering of the most grounded competitors known to man, train them until they are the best gathering around, and find new universes and in advance dark heroes. Presently, we will utilize Free Anime Fighters Simulator Script!


Anime Fighters Wiki:

Anime Fighting Simulator is a game asserted by BlockZone studio, made by MarmDev and at this point facilitated by Nyxun. Made on October fourth, 2019, Anime Fighting Simulator is an arrangement game moved by various notable Anime shows. Train your body and mind to transform into the most grounded competitor. Open swords and powers to conquer your foes. Research the manual for hone your power. Whatever you do, the world is yours for the taking.

Anime Fighters Boss:

Administrators are a game expert for Anime Fighting Simulator introduced in Update 8. Players can work together to fight the director for compensations and new powers; every estimation has its own Boss. Every supervisor gains some arranging experiences of 14 seconds, of which anyone can join, and 3½ minutes (210 seconds) of engaging where it’s not possible for anyone to join. At the completion of the battle, the experiences ensuing to doing combating the boss and the remunerations of your outcome are shown. You can see others’ subtleties on the supervisor leaderboard.


  1. Click “Visit Free Anime Fighters Simulator Script Page” Button
  2. Copy the Script from Soul Pastebin Site
  3. Open the Anime Fighters Simulator on Roblox
  4. Launch your paid or free roblox exploit etc. jjsploit exploit
  5. Inject and Execute the Script!

Visit Free Anime Fighters Simulator Script Page


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