Forza Horizon 5 Cheat 2021 UPDATED

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forza horizon 5 cheat 2021
Developer: Yeethan69

Forza Horizon 5 Cheat 2021 is a newly released free fh 5 cheat. It has many features such as speed hack, gravity, auto win, xp hack, money hack.


Forza Horizon 5 Cheat Features:

  • Auto Injection
  • AutoShow / Garage
    • All Cars (Shows all cars in the autoshow)
    • Rare Cars (Shows only rare cars in the autoshow)
    • Null Car (Shows only the bull car in the autoshow [Requires Show Traffic/HS enabled before])
    • Paint Lego Cars (Allows you to apply paint to lego dlc cars)
    • Remove Any Car (Allows you to remove any car from the garage)
    • Unlock Decals (Unlocks hidden paint decals)
    • Free Cars (Makes every car in the autoshow free)
    • Show Traffic and HS (Allows Traffic and HS to be visible)
    • Fix Thumbnails
    • Unlock Hidden Presets (Unlocks hidden car upgrade presets)
    • Clear Garage (Deletes every car in your garage)
  • Cool Sh**
    • No Clip
      • Car
      • Wall
    • Control Keys
      • Keyboard (Default: Shift)
      • Controller (Default: LeftShoulder)
    • Velocity Speed
      • Multiplier (1,00000 to 2,00000)
      • Boost Up to (MAX 445)
    • Acceleration (MAX 1)
    • Gravity (MAX 100)
    • Toggles
      • Velocity
      • Wheelspeed
      • Super Brake
      • Stop All Wheels
      • Super Car
      • Turn Assist
    • Turn Assist
      • Interval
      • Ratio
      • Strenght
    • Wheelspeed Hack
    • Miscellaneous
      • Teleport Location
        • Waypoint
      • Auto Win Race
      • Auto TP to waypoint
      • Manual Time
      • Set XP:
      • XP on unpause
      • Bypass out of bounce TP
      • Start 0 – 100 timing
      • Scan for FOV
      • Save Config
      • Load Config
    • Stats Editor
    • Save Swapper
    • Live Tuning

This cheat is better than the other forza horizon 5 cheat on our site. There were only 4-5 features in that cheat, but there are many features in this cheat. My advice to you is to use this forza horizon 5 cheat 2021 instead of that fh 5 cheat.

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Forza Horizon 5 Cheat 2021 UPDATED 4

From the section below, you can learn how to cheat by following step by step and you can do it. As a result of these steps, you will have the fh 5 cheat for free and you will be able to start using your cheat in an undetected way without being banned. If you haven’t been able to do the trick, the upcoming “HOW TO?” wait for the video.


  1. Click the “Download Forza Horizon 5 Cheat 2021” button below.
  2. Wait 25 seconds for the cheat to download.
  3. Extract the downloaded file to your desktop.
  4. Open Forza Horizon 5 game.
  5. Open the cheat file you extracted to the desktop.
  6. Wait for it to be injected.
  7. You can start using the cheat from the tabs at the top.

Download Forza Horizon 5 Cheat 2021

Password: 123


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  1. You said it’s better than the other one but it’s missing exactly what the other one did: wheelspins/super wheelspins.