Fishing Simulator Script

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fishing simulator script
   Version: 1.5
Developer: CheaterSoul

Fishing Simulator Script is a roblox hack gui that you can use for free. It has many features such as auto catch, auto sell, remove fog, teleport.

This roblox fishing simulator roblox script can be one of the best cheats because its menu and features are very good. We have listed all the features of the cheat below, you can use the ctrl + f shortcut to quickly find the feature you want.

Fishing Simulator Script 4

Fishing Simulator Hack GUI Features:

  • Utilities
    • Caught
      • When you click on the blue bubble, it catches the fish instantly.
    • Sell
      • Instantly sells the fish in your inventory.
    • Remove Fog
      • Removes heavy amount of fog in the game.
  • Teleport
    • Boat Store
    • Raygan’s Tavern
    • Supplies Store
    • Pets Store
    • Suken Ship
    • Port Jackson
    • Ancient Shores
    • Shadow Isles
    • Pharaoh’s Dunes
    • Eruption Island
    • Monster’s Borough
  • Farm
    • Kill Monster
    • Kill Mobby
      • Turn on this feature after you have the spear in the 2nd row in your hand. [The fastest way to earn XP and MONEY!]
    • Auto Caught
      • It automatically captures instantly. The above feature is one-time only.
    • Auto Sell
      • It automatically sells instantly. The above feature is one-time only.
    • Auto Map Chest
      • You teleport to the chests in the game and you earn gems.
  • Boat
    • Speed
    • Remove Borders
    • TP to Boat
  • Unboxing
    • Royal
    • Normal
    • Ruby
    • Void
    • Silver
    • Stone
    • Gold
  • Misc
    • Click to Teleport [E]
    • Rejoin
    • Server HOP
    • Discord
    • CheaterSoul
    • Destroy GUI

It is very nice that you can use the features you see above with a single script. In addition, I showed you the kill mobby feature in the video below. In this way, you can earn xp and gold very quickly as in the video.

This video shows the kill farm feature of Fishing Simulator Script Hack GUI.

How to Use Fishing Simulator Script?

  1. Click on the “Visit Script Page” button below.
  2. Wait 25 seconds to be redirected to the script page.
  3. Copy the script from the opened soul pastebin site. (Do not download anything!)
  4. Open the Fishing Simulator game on Roblox, which is free to play.
  5. Run any roblox exploit. (You can use JJSploit!)
  6. After Attach/Inject the exploit, paste the script into it and execute it.

Visit Script Page


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