Delta Premium CSGO Movement Cheat 2022

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delta premium
   Version: 2.3
Developer: Tomson_ & AOG Team

Delta Premium is a csgo cheat that you can use for free. It contains features such as movement, esp, aimbot and it is very simple to use.


What is CS:GO Movement Cheat?

CSGO movement cheat allows you to bunny hop faster and automatically. In addition to these, it offers features such as fast duck, auto strafe, jump bug, edge jump, long jump, edge bug. In this way, when you fall from a high place, you can gain many advantages such as not losing your life.

Delta Premium CSGO Movement Cheat 2022 4

How to Use Delta Premium?

  1. Click the “Download” button below.
  2. Wait 10 seconds for the cheat to be downloaded.
  3. Extract the downloaded csgo cheat to the desktop as a folder. (WinRAR must be installed.)
  4. Run the CS:GO game.
  5. Download and open the CSGhost injector on cheatersoul site.
  6. Put “Delta Vip Chujowy Cheat.dll” into the CSGhost injector.
  7. Your cheat has been successfully injected, you can open the menu with the INSERT button.


Password: 123


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