Crab Game Hack – FLY, ESP, GOD MOD & MORE 2021

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crab game hack
   Version: 2.9
Developer: Muffeen

Crab Game Hack is a free and undetected cheat that offers you a lot of features like an esp, speed hack, fly, no clip, infinite jump, god mode, anti lava & void


Crab Game Cheat Features;

  • Core
    • Infinite Punch
    • God Mode
    • No Camera Shake
    • No Knockback
    • Anti Lava
    • Anti Void
    • RLGL Bot
    • Break All Glass
  • Settings
    • Set Keybinds
    • Show Keybinds
    • Reset Layout
    • Discord RPC
    • Show Menu (INSERT – TAB)
  • Host (It only works if you are the host {admin} of the room.)
    • Start Game (You can play solo)
    • Next Game
    • Force Map
    • Choose Map
  • ESP
    • ESP Box
    • ESP Tracer
    • ESP Platform
    • ESP Button [HOST]
  • Movement
    • Speed Hack
    • Fly Hack
    • No Clip
    • Infinite Jump

Just put the dll in the game’s folder and it will inject it automatically as it has its own installer. Using an extreme injectors can also work, but I think this way is simpler, it’s up to you.



  1. Download the cheat by clicking the “Download Crab Game Cheat / Hack” button.
  2. Extract the “version.dll” from the “” file into the game file.
  3. Open Crab Game.
  4. You can open the cheat’s menu with the INSERT or TAB button.
crab game files
Crab Game Hack - FLY, ESP, GOD MOD & MORE 2021 4

Download Crab Game Hack

Password: 123


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