Betaloader – Free CSGO Loader 2021

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betaloader with cheatersoul
Developer: BETA

Betaloader is the ancestor of other loaders made for free csgo cheats. Beta Loader includes vac bypass, custom injector, and many free cheats. Betaloader was one of the first loaders released for cs:go. So using this free csgo loader will be the best choice for you.


This loader includes many features, unlike ordinary cheat loaders. Moreover, this loader receives frequent updates, so you are less likely to get banned by using the loader. Furthermore, this possibility has become almost impossible thanks to the vac bypass feature.

betaloader free csgo loader
All Cheats MENU

Betaloader Features;

  • All Cheats
    • OTC
      • V3
      • V2
    • HeadRipper
    • Aurora Free
    • Sensum (Protected)
    • Legendware
    • Osiris (Protected)
      • Osiris (Protected) means an encrypted version of the osiris cheat. This cheat, which is free csgo cheat, which is normally distributed as open source. Since it is presented to you in an encrypted form in this loader, your probability of getting a vac ban is reduced.
    • Interium
    • GOESP (Protected)
    • Movesiris
  • DLL Injection Methods
    • BETA Injection
    • Manual Map
    • LoadLibraryA
  • Custom DLL’s
    • Add DLL
  • Custom Injector
  • VAC Bypass
  • HWID Spoofer
    • Computer Name
    • Product ID
    • Sector Changer
    • Install Time/Date
    • Machine GUID
    • HWID Spoof
    • HW Profile GUID
    • HDD ID/Adress
    • Spoof All
  • Reset Cheats Folder
  • Admin Bypasser (You can start an administrator app without admin permission)
  • Password Generator
  • Linkvertise Bypasser
  • Extension Spoofer (You can change file’s extension like txt.cheatersoul)
  • File/Text Encryptor/Decryptor
  • Kill CSGO
  • Kill Steam
betaloader file,text encryptor,decryptor
Decryptor MENU

How to Install Betaloader?

  1. Download the file from download button below this post
  2. Extract the to Desktop (pass: 123)
  3. Run the BetaLoader
  4. Register an loader account

If you don’t know how to use this free csgo loader, you can use it comfortably by following the steps below. In addition, if you come to our discord server and indicate the errors you receive, we will help you.

How to Use Cheats in Loader?

  1. Open the Loader and Kill Steam (bottom left)
  2. Click the “VAC Bypass” button and Wait for Steam
  3. Launch the CS:GO
  4. Click “All Cheats” button and select your injection method (suggestion: beta injection)
  5. Select your cheat and enjoy!


Password: 123


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