Anime Worlds Simulator Script / HACK 2021

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anime worlds simulator script
   Version: 0.9
Developer: Luciquad

Anime Worlds Simulator Script is a newly released free anime worlds simulator cheat. Shared on Ubuntu Pastebin and its shared in 2021.

If this anime worlds simulator script is not good enough for you, you can come to our discord server or tell the features you want in the comments. Or you can browse other roblox cheats from the roblox scripts category.


Anime Worlds Simulator Hack Features;

  • Auto Farm
    • Select Fruit
    • Farm Selected Fruit
    • Select Enemy
    • Kill Selected Enemy
    • Auto Place Orbs
    • Auto Hatch Orbs
    • Tp Base When Full
    • Boost Attackers
  • Misc
    • Anti AFK
    • TP Base
  • Credits

By leaving this free anime worlds simulator cheat open before going to bed at night, you can continue the game as advanced when you wake up in the morning.

The most important feature of this cheat is that it is fully automatic, when you go to a place away from the keyboard and get your work done and come back, you will automatically be faced with an advanced account for you.

How to Use Anime Worlds Simulator Script?

  1. Click the Visit Script Page button, (no download, just wait for it 🙂 )
  2. Copy the anime worlds script from ubuntu pastebin page
  3. Open the Anime Worlds Simulator
  4. Launch Your Roblox Sploit
  5. Inject it and Execute the Script!

Visit Script Page


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