Anime Tappers Script – AUTO TAP & REBIRTH HACK 2021

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anime tappers script
   Version: 1.1.1
Developer: Unknown

Anime Tappers Script is a free roblox cheat with auto tap and auto rebirth features. You can take a look at this cheat that we have shared on the Ubuntu pastebin site.

How to Use Anime Tappers Script?

  1. Visit the script page (ubuntu pastebin) with the “Visit Anime Tappers Hack / Script Page” button
  2. Copy the free anime tappers auto tap and rebirth script from ubuntu pastebin
  3. Open the Anime Tappers game on Roblox
  4. Launch your free roblox executer
  5. Inject and execute the script and ENJOY!

In Roblox Anime Tappers, you will tap your direction through gathering taps, pets, and overcoming intense to beat supervisors! While you do this you will acquire yen and taps, which you can change over into resurrections, which will build your capacity to acquire things in the game. As you progress, you will observe yourself to be ready to buy better pets and redesigns. Hope to get to the highest point of the leaderboard and exercise authority over different players in the game!

Visit Anime Tappers Script Page

If you want to only auto tap then you can delete 4th line


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