Anime Simulator X Script – AUTO FARM HACK 2021

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anime simulator x script
   Version: 1.0
Developer: Mana

Anime Simulator X Script is a working cheat that we share on the ubuntu pastebin site with features such as auto farm, auto damage that you can use for free!


Anime Simulator X GUI Features:

  • Auto Farm
    • Auto Farm Coins
    • Select Area
    • Auto Damage
    • Auto Equip Best Pets
    • Auto Diamonds Exchange
    • Select Diamonds Amount
  • Misc
    • Walkspeed
    • Jump Power
    • Anti AFK
    • Start WS / JP Hack
  • Eggs
    • Select Egg
    • Auto Open Selected Egg
  • Credits

The main purpose of the Anime Simulator X cheat is to farm you afk. For example, if you leave your computer on before going to bed at night, when you wake up in the morning, it will be as if you have switched to an advanced account. The features of the cheat are written in the upper part. At the bottom, we showed you how to use the cheat. This cheat works just like pet simulator x script 2021.


  1. Click the “Visit Anime Simulator X Script Page” button
  2. Wait 25 seconds
  3. Copy the script from Soul pastebin site
  4. Launch Anime Simulator X game on Roblox
  5. Start your paid or free roblox exploit
  6. Inject and Execute the Roblox Anime Simulator X Hack!

Visit Anime Simulator X Script Page” button

Script Key: nglfdnglkjdfnglkjdhk


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