Anime Fighters Simulator Script 2021 – AUTOFARM HACK

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anime fighters simulator script 2021
   Version: 0.0.1
Developer: TheBreak

Anime Fighters Simulator Script 2021 is a new anime fighters simulator cheat. It’s great that a cheat like this is free. All of its features work perfectly and are undetected. It already meets everything that should be in a script.


Anime Fighters Simulator Zer0 Hub Script Features;

  • Auto Farm
    • Fighters TP
    • Farm Enemies
    • Auto Collect Drops
    • Kinda Cancel Ulti Animation
    • Auto Equip Best Pets
    • Auto Click Damage
anime fighters simulator script hack
Anime Fighters Simulator Script Menu

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Anime Fighters Simulator Script 2021, as the name suggests, was released in 2021. The actual name of the cheat is zer0 hub. But since it would be very difficult to find this cheat with this name, we gave it a simpler name. You can learn how to cheat by reading the how to use section below. If there are too many requests, a special video will be taken for this Anime Fighters Simulator Script 2021.

How to Use Anime Fighters Simulator Script 2021?

  1. Click “Visit Script Page” Button
  2. Copy the Script from PAGE
  3. Open the Anime Fighters Simulator
  4. Launch your roblox exploit
  5. Inject and Execute the Script!

Visit Script Page


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