American Fugitive Trainer Hack 2022

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american fugitive trainer
   Version: 1.0
Developer: wh0am15533

American Fugitive Trainer; It is a free cheat trainer developed by wh0am15533 for the american fugitive game available on steam. It is very simple to use.

You can install the cheat and start playing by following the steps below. The preview of the cheat is simply shown in the image above. The features of the cheat are really nice, moreover, the developer of the free trainer hacks, wh0am15533, is someone who has been in the cheating industry for a long time and is a reliable developer.


How to Use American Fugitive Trainer?

Time Needed : 2 minutes

This cheat is very simple to use and install. By following the 3 steps below, you will have successfully installed the cheat. There are many nice features in the cheat such as teleport, add cash, spawner, add all upgrades.

  1. Download the American Fugitive Cheat

    Click the orange “Download” button below and wait 10 seconds for the cheat to be downloaded.

  2. Extract the cheat folder to the game folder

    Open the files of the American Fugitive game and move the files in the cheat file you downloaded into the game file.

  3. Play the game

    Run the game normally as you always do!

  • WinRAR
  • American Fugitive Game


Password: 123


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